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Home / Services

Service Department

Florence and Amagansett Building Materials maintains a full time service department supporting any warranty or repair issues for Andersen, Silverline, Weiland and Unilux window and door systems. Florence, an Andersen Dealer Service Network Member, can provide customers a 2 year in house warranty service on all Andersen products. All of our in house technicians have been formally trained by Andersen Corporation and have maintained and exceeded the industries expectation on a daily basis. They continue to train and educate themselves on new products and techniques. With several full time technicians the Florence and Amagansett Building Materials Service department has a combined work experience of over 70 years.

Architectural Dept/TakeOff’s

Please allow us to review your plans ensuring accurate product selection. Our Architectural staff can assist you by offering the latest most energy efficient products for your upcoming project. Our knowledgeable staff are well versed and have intimate in depth working knowledge of some of the industry’s most popular window and door systems as well as local building code.


Our fleet has several enhanced delivery capabilities including boom service to the roof, truck mounted forklift as well as dumps and lift gates available. We employ the use of truck mounted forklifts allowing us to be more efficient and flexible at the job site. We offer booms upwards of 80 ft allowing for second story roof deliveries. Our fleet has full time in house dispatchers capable of tracking and routing all of our delivery apparatus in real time. Utilizing state of the art GPS technology allows us to to provide more accurate delivery windows and ETAs.

Full Size Show Rooms

Our showrooms allow our clients to make their product decisions in a real life settings. Choose from dozens of different styles of roofing, siding, door, window and material options. Come see the latest innovations in windows and door systems where you can touch, feel and operate all units. You can come in and explore our 100s of moulding trim profiles to help you finish off the interior of your upcoming project. We understand choosing these products and materials are important and can be expensive decisions. As one of the only building material providers with full size showrooms throughout the island, we encourage you to come in and take advantage of seeing these pieces in person.

Custom Millwork

If your plans call for any type of specialty millwork we have the resources and capabilities to fulfill your project needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Kitchen Designs

Our professional design team will assist you throughout the entire selection and design process of your kitchen, vanities and built-ins. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand at our kitchen design centers and are available for walk-ins or appointments. We offer a variety of cabinet manufacturers that will fit your budget and dreams no matter how big or small.