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Welcome to our video library! We have compiled videos to showcase projects we have been partners on, how-tos and product features from manufacturers we work with.

Evolve Stone | Installation Side by Side

An evolutionary new product line! It is time to Evolve! Evolve Stone not only looks and feels beautifully real, it can be installed simply with finish nails. No mortar. Not another heavy, labor intensive exterior stone siding product.

Evolve Stone | Corner Installation

Nailing it on all fronts, Evolve Stone answers the need for a more efficient installation process as the only mortarless, color-throughout, nailable stone veneer that installs up to 10X faster and is a fraction of the weight of most stone siding.

Evolve Stone | Pro Tips

From installation adjustments to tips and tricks, our video equips you with everything you need to know in order to nail your stone siding installation project.

Florence and Andersen - Ritz Carlton

Learn how The Ritz-Carlton Residences were able to maximize natural light and minimize sound infiltration - without compromising design. Andersen? E-Series windows and patio doors are so completely customizable.

Florence and Anderson - The Watchase Factory

The Watchcase Factory is a historic building located in Sag Harbor, NY. Built in 1881 and restored into luxury real estate, you can live in a piece of Long Island history. Andersen windows supplied by Florence Building Materials.

Andersen E Series │Florence Building Materials

Florence Customer Focused Delivery

Custom Kitchens at Florence and Amagansett Building Materials

Service Department for our Customers

Ours vs. Theirs: Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Windows | Andersen Windows

Find out what makes the Andersen? 400 Series Tilt-Wash double-hung window better than the competition's.

ThermaTru? Multi-Point Lock Operation Help and How-To

Therma-Tru offers a multi-point lock that engages at three different points to enhance stability, alignment and overall security. Understanding these locks can be crucial from testing, activating and more.

ThermaTru? How-To for Pros: Tools Needed for Installation

Learn how to replace an entry door from the professionals at Therma-Tru. This series of videos gives a quick overview of each step in the Therma-Tru door system installation process to help build your skills and confidence. For additional training, and to learn more about our Certified Door System Installer Program, visit www.thermatru.com/installer.